Smart Meters

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Smart Meter Data

What are the Smart Meters?

Smart meters are the next generation of electricity
meters. Using digital technology and the 2G mobile
phone network, the smart meter will give you access
to accurate information on your energy usage
throughout the day and significantly reduce the
need for estimated bills.

ESB Networks is replacing 2.4 million
electricity meters in homes, farms, and businesses across Ireland with next-generation meters.
This new technology which is already in use in over 500 million premises worldwide will bring
benefits to customers, the environment, and the economy.

When will the replacement programme be completed?

The programme is being delivered on a phased regional basis and was planned to be completed
in 2024. ESB began installations in autumn 2019 and by January 2021 approximately 245,000
smart meters were installed. As of January 2021, the deployment of the smart meter was
temporarily stopped due to Covid 19 restrictions so the rollout is expected to take longer than
originally stated.


If you are fortunate enough to have received an installation and would like access to your data,
please click on the below link, complete the questionnaire and we will get the data to you.


Half Hour Data File (HDF)

Who can receive a Half Hourly Data File?

– You must be supplied electricity by Waterpower.

– You must be on our Waterpower Standard Smart Tariff (SST).

– You must be the registered account holder.

How do I receive my Half Hourly Data file?

– Click on the above button “Request my HDF ” and complete the form.

– If you have any questions, please contact us on the details below or see our FAQ.

– You must be the registered account holder.

What will be contained in my half-hourly consumption file?

– Up to 2 years’ worth of half hourly consumption data, only available from joining our Waterpower on the SST.

– The data is refreshed regularly by ESB, providing accurate up-to-date data from when you started with the SST.

– If you have switched from Waterpower’s SST day, night, and peak billing, the data will only be available once on the SST.

ESB Networks How to read your smart meter