Products & Services

We offer a personalised dedicated service to all of our customers and guarantee excellence in customer care as detailed in our Customer Charter. Our products & services include:

Electricity Supply Products & Services

Domestic Customers:
We offer competitive fixed rate prices (c/kWh), profile metering, free bill analysis and options for Solar Photo-Voltaic (PV).

– Electricity Supply
– Electricity Bill Analysis
– Technical Support (Meter changes/Load adjustment)
– Flexible payment plans

Commercial Customers:
We offer commercial customers competitive fixed rates and variable unit rate (c/kWh) options through our ‘Time of Use’ price model, profile metering for small commercial, free bill analysis, MIC analysis and Solar PV options. Our services include:

– Fixed rate/Variable rates (Time of Use Price Modelling)
– Electricity Consumption Review (Profile Metering)
– Electricity Bill Analysis
– Solar PV Feasibility Assessments

Auto-producers are customers who generate power for their own use and export their excess to the grid. As well energy generated through our hydro-stations, we also work with a variety of ‘Auto-producers’ generating electricity from a variety of sources (wind, CHP, solar) nationwide to capture their excess power. Waterpower is unique in this regard so if you are generating power on your site contact us for further information.

If you generate your own power we can offer you the following services:

– Purchase your excess power
– Support new installations
– Administrative and technical support

Further information is available from the electricity generation part of our website

To find out more about our electricity supply products & services simply call our head office or email and we will get back to you.