How Can I Save on Energy Costs in the Workplace?

Save on Workplace Energy Costs

In case you’re not sure where to begin, we gathered some of the most effective business energy saving tips to help jumpstart your cost savings. In the workplace, the main thing is to avoid using energy where it’s not absolutely needed. The office energy saving tips below can help you and your staff become aware of when and how that might be happening.

12 Small Business Energy-Saving Tips

1. Change your Electricity Supplier every year, Waterpower can offer competitive rates for your Business by calling 029 50568. Have a recent bill handy for an effortless Switch to Waterpower.

2. Ask us in Waterpower about our Profile Monitoring Service and what it can do for your business. Produces readings for each ½ hour intervals that the meter is in installed. This records the kW, kWh, power factor, phase balances, and the maximum KVA etc.

This information allows Waterpower to graph out the premises usage and determines peak loads and times. This has seen businesses reduce their KVA and their usage patterns to reduce their overall electricity cost. The monitor is seamlessly installed and usually left in place for a week to determine a true image of the energy usage.

3. Purchase energy-efficient office equipment, it’s worth shopping around for this equipment.

4. Reduce Peak Demand. One of the best ways to save electricity in the workplace, which will result from the report from the Profile Monitor.

5. Program your thermostats. This is one of those office energy saving tips that are especially relevant for a 9-5 workplace. You don’t need to heat or cool a workplace after everyone has gone home for the night. Even if your team’s hours vary, using programmable or smart thermostats to manage the temperature during “off” hours can make a big difference.

6. Turn off lights when not in use. It might seem like a no-brainer, but in a typical office, lights stay on in areas like break rooms, bathrooms, or conference rooms, even when those spaces aren’t being used. Sensor lights can help to keep the lights on when needed, but off when they’re not.

7. Use energy-efficient light bulbs. It’s one of the easiest and simplest energy-saving ideas in the workplace: switch out your regular incandescent bulbs with energy efficient bulbs such as CFL or LED. This will help you use a significantly less amount of electricity.

8. Start running fans. You can reduce your energy usage in the workplace simply and easily by running fans in offices, warehouses, showrooms and kitchens. Fans keep air flowing so your HVAC unit can run more efficiently.

9.Power down computers and other office equipment at the end of the day. If computers are not being used through the hours when your staff aren’t working, have your team be in the habit of shutting them down before they leave. Turning off and unplugging as many devices as possible at the end of the day is a simple way to cut back. This includes energy efficient coffee makers, toasters, and similar appliances.

10. Prevent “Phantom energy”. Phantom energy is the energy that is still being used by equipment that remains plugged in but not in use. A great office energy-saving tip is to have your computer peripherals (printers, monitors, etc.) connected to power strips (aka “surge protectors”) so that the flip of a single switch can shut down several devices at a time.

11. Get employees engaged in energy-efficient practices. If you, as the business owner, are looking to reduce electricity costs, that’s great! But that may only get you so far. Inspiring employees to be energy-efficient in their day-to-day work lives may take some time but is very worthwhile and rewarding.

12. Take advantage of natural sunlight. If you’re fortunate enough to have a workspace where there’s abundant natural light, use it! On a sunny day, you might not need to turn on the lights at all in areas where windows can give all the illumination you need.

Installing Solar PV is one of the ways to save energy at work, it really does help. Generating your own Electricity is the future and will save you money on your energy costs even in Winter. Waterpower is your one-stop shop for Solar PV Projects. Please call us on 029 50568 for any of our services or to help your Business Save Money