Environmental Policy

Waterpower is an independent Electricity Supply and Generation company serving the Industrial, Commercial and Residential Markets. We are committed to offering the best service to our customers as outlined in our Codes of Practice and our company policies.

What we do

  • Our supply service to our customers includes the following activities: purchasing of electricity, sale of electricity, billing, payment, energy management, marketing and customer communications.
  • Our generation service includes the purchase of electricity from Auto-producers, Solar PV installations and support in the construction and retrofitting of hydro-electricity power plants.
  • An additional aspect of our company includes the provision of rainwater harvesting and liquid storage solutions.

Environmental Policy 

In Waterpower, we recognise that our business practices impact on the environment and that it is our responsibility to manage these impacts in a manner that contributes to the sustainable development of the economy and provides a high level of protection to our natural environment. Waterpower Engineering Ltd is committed to:

  • Identify the environmental issues associated with our core activities and those undertaken on our behalf and set environmental objectives to the purpose and context of our business activities
  • Conduct our core activities and those undertaken on our behalf, in an environmentally responsible matter and in compliance with all legal obligations and company policies and standards
  • Promote products that minimise environmental impact, for example renewable energy, electronic billing, rainwater harvesting, liquid storage
  • Actively work to increase energy sourced from renewable resources (and decrease fossil fuel dependency) for electricity supply
  • Adopt a procurement strategy that minimises environmental impact by favouring local suppliers
  • Act responsibly in our use of natural resources (water)
  • Our Environmental Policy also requires that site operations are conducted in a manner that safeguards health, minimises energy use, emissions and waste and conserves natural resources
  • Maximise energy efficiency and conservation in all our operations and encourage our customers to use energy efficiently and effectively
  • Identify and minimise significant environmental risks
  • Promote Sustainability & Environmental Awareness to staff, suppliers and contractors

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