Climate Change Action Plan

There is much work to be done.

Solar PV Installation will help enormously. Generating your own Electricity will reduce your Electricity Bills for a start and will reduce greenhouse gases since Electricity accounted for 19.3% of Ireland’s greenhouse gases in 2017.

The Government are aiming for 100% Electric Cars by 2030 with charging points to be increased by over 200.

Plans to increase cycle paths and park and ride facilities.

Retrofitting of houses in bulk where the builder will carry out the renovations in 1 area instead of by house. This will improve insulation and reduce electricity costs.

There is some mention of customers being able to sell back excess electricity generated by renewable sources back to the Grid but these seem a long way off. 

Carbon tax to be brought in starting at 20 euro.

Our Agriculture Sector can help greatly by planting more broadleaf forestry which the government believes will offset the carbon footprint of the Agri sector.


Reduce the Electricity we use by generating our own by installing Solar PV.
Waterpower can help you every step of the way. Please call 029 50568 or check out our website

Other simple ways to combat climate change

Educate our young people at home and in the classroom at all ages, there are plans to update the Junior Cert to include Climate Change, this really is a priority.
Consider an Electric Car and charger when changing the car
Educate ourselves with the Grant Aid out there to aid the changes